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Circle K is headquartered in Bernalillo County. You can find Circle K at directions 2001 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States. If you would like more information, please visit their website at or contact at +1 505-881-2138. Before going there, you can refer to the information about Circle K that we provide you, there are many comments and reviews of people for your reference. Up to "3576" related places around Circle K recommended to you by Gotolike.

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— What days are Circle K open?

Circle K is open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

— Is Circle K open on sunday?

On sunday, Circle K is open: Open 24 hours

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Ernest Rael

Shared publicly - April, 10

Dishonest store I went and put 40 in gas I got less than half a tank I tried calling to talk to someone there no response just not very happy with my experience just feel jipped.

Christopher Martin

Shared publicly - August, 9

I live in the area so I come here all the time, I can't make it to the door without someone asking me for money or a cigarette or something each time I come. The parking lot is always filled with bums. The employees are time, I'm brought a drink I bought from another store inside and was accused of stealing it as I was walking out. I never got an apology when I showed the receipt. The floors by the fountain drink area is always sticky. Open 24 hours? Sometimes...they will close late at night when they know I'm coming. Awful place to go.


Shared publicly - August, 9

Every time I stop here, day or night, I always get stopped by at least two bums asking for money or cigarettes. I stopped tonight (10pm) just to get a fountain drink and before I even stepped out of my car I had a bum asking me for money. Two more hit me up for money before I got to the door! Once inside the dirty store, I saw the signs all over the fountain drink machine saying, "Does not work". Wasted trip. I hurriedly walked back to my car and past the group of six bums congregating by the door, careful to not make eye contact. The parking lot was busy with the bums this evening. As for being open 24hrs? Maybe, I've been there at 7pm and the store was closed. Other times they have a hand made sign saying "Be back in awhile". Store is always dirty. I will never come to this location again.

Richard Pellecchia II

Shared publicly - August, 8

Absolutely disgusting... Your counter person was eating nachos at the counter!! And she had cheese all over her fingers, which also had long nails which id totally against health code. When I stepped up, she was too busy talking with the other two employees and eating whole working. Are your people not trained?!? And especially on health code regulations. Who let's their employees eat, and especially with their fingers, food at the counter while working?!?! I can only imagine what else is happening if she doesn't know that this is fully unacceptable, gross, and breaking the law. I'm calling the health department and never going back. Great training and management. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND EATING ANY PREPARED FOODS HERE!!!! I am servesafe certified and no the health code, maybe you should train your people. I know it's a convenience store and you can only hire the bottom of the barrel, but really? At least they should have proper manners.

jo bonro

Shared publicly - August, 9

This place is a disaster. Homeless people in front of entrance were very demanding. But that's not the problem. After waiting in line I get to the counter ask for a pack of cigarettes. I was ask for an ID. I handed the greasy haired blonde lady my passport card (federally issued ID card). She told me they only take the passport book. I only have a temporary state ID print out which most places won't take. That is why I took my passport. She continued to tell it was company policy. I ask for corporate number. She gave it to me. I let without products or gas. I went down the street to different Circle K and used the passport without a problem. I asked if they had a corporate policy. They told me no. Besides wasting my time the employees do not take pride in the store. The store was dirty and they just allow people to harass customers in front of the store.

Chris Coats

Shared publicly - August, 9

If I could would give no stars. This morning went in to get some m&m's. It's buy one get one for 25cent... well I was charged full price for the second bag. I ask about the promotion and a female clerk who didn't ring me up but was playing on her phone the whole time I was in the store state it was for Snickers m&m's and another type of candy. I pulled out my bag which is the shareable size and peanut. She then stated it was because it was in the Easter package. But I just paid $1.99 for the same type of m&ms it just in a different package. I left the store then I came back to ask the lady what her name was, she was hesitant at first and i don't even think the name she gave me was her real name. Now after I ask the lady what her name. Another lady also sitting down on her phone wants to know why I want to know her name and that she was the store manager. I explained to that I think I was lied to about the candy. I also stated that I was at another store the night before and had no problems. Then the lady stated that I just need to go back to that store then..... wow really this the type of service you get when you spend your hard earned money at you establishment. So I call the regional office......guess what no response. So it all makes sense clerks know complaints like this falls deaf ears so continue with the below average service. Thank You for reading my vent but I feel I have bought my last item from your store....sad had not been in your store for years and did only stop because I saw your promotion. Also been reading the comments, when the store manager respond it was cut and paste call this number which I have tried.... like I said no response

Cody kline

Shared publicly - February, 9

Terrible customer service. Worst Circle K in entire country and I travel the US Full time.

Catherine Davis-Sparks

Shared publicly - August, 8

Would give Zero Stars. No out of order sign on my choice of drink, refused to see if there was more in back, was rude and sarcastic, then had the nerve to charge me for a soda when all I had was Ice! She was nasty, name tag flipped so I couldn't see her name, store was a mess. She looked dirty and high, and when I asked for my money back she laughed then gave it to me, telling me to f off and that her job was secure, because of her boss. I have no idea why the hiring standards were lowered, but we will not shop at ANY Circle K from this point out. I am tired of being treated badly by someone who doesn't even have the ability to shower or wear clean clothes for work, and this happens with Circle K a lot.

Julian Gutierrez

Shared publicly - August, 9

Although the attendents are frendly this store needs help all the way around. None of the sale items are correct. The cashiers wont tell you, they just ring you up. When you ask about the promotion buy one get one free or get two items get one free they tell you after the sale is over. The soda fountain is almost always broken. The floor needs a mop. Your always bound to find a box of items waiting to get stocked.

Raymond Valles

Shared publicly - August, 9

One of the worst gas stations. Drug addicts hanging out outside with what looked like prostitutes. Mind you it was 2:00pm. Went inside no cups stocked, or lids. All lids were spilt on the floor. Worker was too busy cleaning her register to stalk cups. So I got my own. Stood in line 8 people deep same worker not helping at all. Not going back.

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2001 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States

Opening hours:

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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