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Walmart Pharmacy is headquartered in San Juan County. You can find Walmart Pharmacy at directions 4600 E Main St, Farmington, NM 87402, United States. If you would like more information, please visit their website at or contact at +1 505-326-1197. Before going there, you can refer to the information about Walmart Pharmacy that we provide you, there are many comments and reviews of people for your reference. Up to "1812" related places around Walmart Pharmacy recommended to you by Gotolike.

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— What days are Walmart Pharmacy open?

Walmart Pharmacy is open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

— Is Walmart Pharmacy open on tuesday?

On tuesday, Walmart Pharmacy is open: 9AM–9PM

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Walmart Supercenter
San Juan County

1400 W Main St, Farmington, NM 87401, United States

Walmart Pharmacy
San Juan County

1400 W Main St, Farmington, NM 87401, USA

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Frida Gonzales

Shared publicly - March, 14

Jasmine was rude and had an attitude when talking to her. She was asking questions super low and tossed my ID card back at me. Will not be coming here again

Karen Largent

Shared publicly - May, 13

Walked in for immunizations;staff friendly, knowledgeable and service quick. Always a good experience there!

Elizabeth Stevens

Shared publicly - August, 11

I’m writing this review in reference to an extremely disrespectful, hateful & rude pharmacy employee, with dark hair & tattoos, named Jasmine. I first had the displeasure of dealing with her back in May 2020 on the day I’d been released from a month long stay in the hospital which included 2 weeks in critical ICU at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, Colorado. I was hospitalized due to Coronavirus COVID-19-SARS-CoV-2. My elderly mother had to drive directly to East Main Walmart Pharmacy in Farmington, New Mexico from the hospital to pick up my new prescriptions, one being insulin. I was still ill but no longer contagious, I was on oxygen & in a wheel chair when I visited your pharmacy with my mother & I was treated with the utmost disrespect & complete hostility by this Jasmine just as my mother & I had witnessed her treat the person ahead of me!!! I’ve been using your pharmacy for many, many years & all of my insurance information is in your system so I normally just have to show my proof of ID but on this day, Jasmine asked to see my insurance card which I didn’t have with me so she refused to allow me to have my prescriptions & would not listen to reason or work with me in anyway. She then completely disregarded “social distancing” & told the person behind me to step up to the window so I moved out of the way & Jasmine proceeded to mistreat the next customer the same way!!! I was absolutely frustrated & exhausted & just wanted to leave but we asked to speak to a supervisor who was out to lunch but due to return in 15 minutes. We waited & when she arrived, we explained what had occurred & she immediately entered my name into the computer & said she’d get my prescriptions ready & that she’d allow my mother to sign for them if I wanted to go wait in my vehicle, which I did. She also wished me well & congratulated me for surviving COVID-19. Well now it’s a few months later & all of my COVID symptoms have returned & worsened & now include crippling body, leg, feet, arm & shoulder pain. Sadly my mother now has to pick my prescriptions as she did today & more sadly, she was mistreated & disrespected by, guess who? JASMINE!!! My mother returned home extremely upset so I telephoned your pharmacy to complain!!! The employee I spoke to was very empathetic & apologized for the way my mother was treated & she said that she would pray for me to have a speedy recovery & said “God bless you” to me before we ended our conversation. Her compassion was very comforting to me & sincerely appreciated. It is my wish that Jasmine be given a position in the backroom, behind the scenes, away from customers ESPECIALLY customers who are ill & just trying to get their medication!!! I would also recommend that Jasmine be forced to attend a good etiquette or charm school!!! “Charm School for Dummies” 101. PS I would bet money that a couple of your other reviews were written in reference to the one & only JASMINE MONSTER as well. Just saying...


Shared publicly - August, 11

I provided my driver's license to the person who took my prescription drop off and she immediately put it onto the demagnetizer, when I asked her to remove it she tried to tell me that it won't hurt the card, I pointed at the picture of a card with a magnetic stripe with a red circle and line through it. Rather than apologize she said it would be okay, she's done it several times and nobody has complained. Needless to say, my license is demagnetized and I have to replace it now. I'm not sure if she missed that day when her trainer told her not to put cards on that thing that says not to put cards on it but her negligence is taking money I don't have to spare out of my pocket. At checkout she needed some information on my newborn son, including his full name, date of birth, and how he was delivered. When I told her that his birthday was Halloween she sneered at me and when I said it was a C-section she asked if we couldn't have picked a better day with that same nasty look on her face. I then informed her that we picked the day on purpose and she shrugged it off. I cannot believe that she was as unprofessional as she was, I'd never expect to have my card demagnetized without so much as a sorry and then have my decision as a parent as to when my child is born be sneered at me spoken down about. I will not be returning to this pharmacy.

Pamela Barton

Shared publicly - August, 11

Had my Dr switch my status on meds, I loved Wal-Mart Pharmacy, but the staff is terrible, they just opened at 9am im the first 1 in line and the way they talk to you is as if , their annoyed with you. Short temper, then they ask for your birthday, as you have on your mask, she has on hers, plexiglass between us, you tell her and she yells WHAT?! I have worked in customer service for 15 yrs you cant be taught customer service, you have to want to help the public, its that simple your dont like your job! Quit!

Chris Sanchez

Shared publicly - August, 11

Went to pick up prescription....called number outside and pharmacy one ever answered.....3 stars is a generous rating

Dj Palmer

Shared publicly - August, 11

Good service. Cheap prices for prescriptions.

Michael Lewis

Shared publicly - August, 12

Great staff and very helpful. Never had a problem with anything always make time to help when I have a question....

Chuck Byers

Shared publicly - August, 12

Good place to get your medication it's Walmart has to be a lot cheaper

Ashley Snow

Shared publicly - August, 12

1 star for the $4 scripts Everything else is a battle

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4600 E Main St, Farmington, NM 87402, United States

Opening hours:

Wednesday 9AM–9PM
Thursday 9AM–9PM
Friday 9AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–7PM
Sunday 10AM–6PM
Monday 9AM–9PM
Tuesday 9AM–9PM

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