A Guide to the Best Cheap Reservation Restaurants in Cullman County




Cullman County is a fascinating place with a diverse range of excellent restaurants, from street food to 5-star cuisine. But what are the best Cullman County cheap reservation restaurants? Pick any one of these 14, and enjoy a delicious meal! Do you ever wonder which restaurant to go to when you are here? What better way is there to spend your day off than by catching up on some reading? If you're looking for delicious cheap reservation restaurants in Cullman County, then look no further than our top 14 best cheap reservation restaurants list.

All Steak Restaurant ($8 - $51)

  • Address: No 323 3rd Ave SE Cullman, AL 35055
  • Phone: (256) 734-4322

On the top list, All Steak must be listed. Their sources are only Certified Angus Beef brand Prime and Certified Angus Beef brand, which surpass the USDA’s stringent Prime standards and meet all 10 of the brand’s quality specifications, including marbling, size, and uniformity. It’s a cut above, representing the top 1.5% of beef. You’ll taste the difference in every tender, juicy, savory bite. All Steak brings only the finest-quality food to your table. While their steak sets us apart, their fish and produce are also top-tier. From the fields to the shore, they source and serve the very best for customers. They can be reached by phone at (256) 734-4322 or through their website at https://www.allsteakrestaurant.com from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Jim ‘N Nick’s ($1.5 - $30.99)

  • Address: No 1851 Cherokee Ave SW Cullman, AL 35055
  • Phone: (256) 727-5421

It all began in 1985 in a reclaimed old pizza restaurant on Clairmont Avenue in Birmingham, AL. The formula was simple. Celebrate the heritage of the bar-b-q masters they revered, cut no corners on the menu, and serve the whole community like family. That philosophy allowed them to create something unique. An authentic bar-b-q restaurant with chefs and pitmasters. Legacy recipes, but uniquely creative cooking. Sit down dining on one hand, and a drive-through on the other. 12 hours of slow-smoked pork and beef but served real fast. A celebration of Alabama, but a reverence for the bar-b-q tradition across the South. It’s the kind of place that only happens when you don’t follow the crowd, but instead, follow your heart, trust your gut, and simply do things the hard way. Today, Jim ‘N Nick’s has become an icon of the bar-b-q community. One bite and you’ll understand why there’s only one Jim ‘N Nick’s. Come here and try it from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM.

Red Mountain Crawfish($1.85 - $187.50)

  • Address: No 195 Vulcan Rd Homewood, AL 35209
  • Phone: (205) 305-3131

They offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. While they supply the freshest product of anyone in the area, Mother Nature is the boss at the end of the day. There are many variables to the quality, size, and quantity of a crawfish crop. Some include extreme cold, extreme heat, fog, barometric pressure, El Ninos, and hurricanes. As a standard, they don't want a customer to see more than a handful of losses in their sacks. 'Mother Nature's wear and tear,' at times, may be harder on the crawfish than they can handle. Their 100% satisfaction guaranteed assures just that, you'll get wonderful dishes for a penny of what your hard-earned money deserves!

Ninja Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse ($1.99 - $38.99)

  • Address: No 1702 2nd Ave SW Cullman, AL 35055
  • Phone: (256) 735-2288

The next stop at our best cheap Reservations restaurant in Cullman County is Ninja Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse. To have the best experience, you should come at the specified restaurant time frame from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Customers may also order from the restaurant online, making it more convenient for them. Ninja Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse is well-known not only for the attractiveness of its meals but also for the convenience it provides to customers. Much attention has been attached to ensuring you a cozy and inviting ambiance where you could enjoy not only the great meal but also the authentic atmosphere. The chefs apply high-quality ingredients and deliver wonderful dishes, helping the restaurant grow in reputation.

Adapris Pizza Buffet ($1.99 - $12.99)

  • Address: No 1842 Patriot Dr SW Cullman, AL 35055
  • Phone: (256) 747-5005

Adapris Pizza Buffet offers fresh, imported products and guarantees service quality. The freshest, most natural ingredients are used to make Cullman Alabama's most authentic pizza, salad, pasta, wings, pizza bowls, and desserts. You can visit the restaurant between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Adapris Pizza Buffet can be reached by phone at (256) 747-5005 or online at https://.adaprispizza.com. With chefs who have many years of experience in the industry, Adapris Pizza Buffet always provides tourists with unique experiences through the chefs' creativity. The restaurant provides excellent service. There is always someone on hand to guide and answer questions for customers. Do you want personalized pizza? So why not?

Margaronas Cantina ($1.5 - $23.99)

  • Address: No 311 2nd Ave NW Cullman, AL 35055
  • Phone: (256) 734-5959

Margaronas Cantina is a top-rated restaurant in Cullman County, with 4 stars and 1741 reviews. The restaurant has a wide variety of delicious food, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Each pizza here is wrapped in the mind of the waiters in the restaurant. From the choice of ingredients to the way of baking, the shop must strictly check it so that when the food arrives at the customer's hand, it must be the most quintessential, most beautiful thing. Enjoying any kind of cake here, customers are easily "addicted" to that taste. The crust is fragrant and crispy, and the cheese covered with the cake and the filling blend together to create the perfect flavor that can't be faulted. On early autumn days like this, with friends and family coming to Pepperonis to order a pizza and share, then the deliciousness of pizza seems to be multiplied many times over. You can come to the restaurant from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 

Two Amigos Cantina & Grill ($2.29 - $69.99)

  • Address: No 202 Cooper St. Oneonta, AL 35121
  • Phone: (205) 625-4516

Two Amigos opened in February 2008, and have been serving quality Mexican and Salvador dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of food. The restaurant also knows what ingredients to import, as quality ingredients will only produce the best-tasting food. In addition to food, the restaurant also offers other drinks. The restaurant has 4 stars on 1755 reviews. The dinners are always going to be of high quality because the dishes are custom-made for each person. You will be completely convinced by the welcoming and attentive staff and excellent food. The restaurant is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Peking Restaurant ($0.65 - $62.68)

  • Address: No 303B 2nd Ave NW Cullman, AL 35055
  • Phone: (256) 739-7129

Peking Restaurant will not disappoint you if you're looking for a fantastic supper. The owner and all staff in Peking Restaurant greet you with the warmest welcome, whether you are a habitual patron or come for the first time. The restaurant worked with Cullman County farmers to provide unique elements for the restaurant's meals. They have a dynamic menu that features a mixture of old and new, satisfying patrons with its wide array of flavors. Thanks to the crafty and ingenious hands of the chef who turned familiar food into sexier than ever. Peking Restaurant will serve from 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM.

PEKING RESTAURANT, Gravesend - Updated 2022 Restaurant Reviews, Menu &  Prices - Tripadvisor

Holly Pond Cafe ($10)

  • Address: No 10800 US Highway 278 E Holly Pond, AL 35083
  • Phone: (256) 841-6368

Holly Pond Cafe is a must-see whether you are a domestic or foreign tourist. While the outside of the building isn't flashy but it's very nice inside clean and it smells good when you walk in. Friendly and timely service is what the company guarantees. It creates a tidy dining place for you. Holly Pond Cafe is a top-rated restaurant in Cullman County. The meals and beverages are both high quality, with expert chefs and bartenders. Meals at this restaurant are cooked to perfection and full of flavor. Come here whenever you want.

China Wok ($1.3 - $14.25)

  • Address: No 410 2nd Ave E Oneonta, AL 35121
  • Phone: (205) 625-6668

The list of cheap reservation restaurants in Cullman County cannot be ignored at China Wok. The owner and all staff in China Wok greet you with the warmest welcome, whether you are a habitual patron or come for the first time. The restaurant also knows what ingredients to import, as quality ingredients will only produce the best-tasting food. They can be reached by phone at (205) 625-6668 or through their website at https://chinawokoneonta.gastrobars.com. A cheap meal and an easy-to-find Cullman County are perfect for you. You can come here from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Lupita’s ($1.95 - $22.95)

  • Address: No 69059 Main St Blountsville, AL 35031
  • Phone: (205) 429-422

Lupita’s Restaurant must be included in the list of the top ten restaurants in Cullman County. Thanks to the crafty and ingenious hands of the chef who turned familiar food into sexier than ever. The menu can be customized to order different dishes together or separately. The quality of service at a restaurant can make the experience of the restaurant feel even better. It's important for people to feel valued and respected. With a large open space, you can drop in to enjoy a cup of coffee or enjoy the buffet food, but only at an affordable cost. You can come to the restaurant from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Pizza Hut ($2.49 - $14.5)

  • Address: No 720 2nd Ave E Oneonta, AL 35121
  • Phone: (205) 625-3310

Referring to pizza, one must remember that Pizza Hut is a famous global brand. Coming to Pizza Hut, diners will be impressed by the space here is beautifully decorated, the main color is red, plus the romantic and cozy shimmering lights. The feature of the pizza here is the crispy base, the rim of the cake is added with cheese or sausage, and the menu is constantly refreshed to bring a new feeling for diners to come here to enjoy. With such excellent service and quality, Pizza Hut's price is slightly higher than other shops, but it is completely suitable for your pocket. The restaurant is open from 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

L Rancho Cafe ($1.85 - $6.85)

  • Address: No 41 N Main St Arab, AL 35016
  • Phone: (256) 586-9913

Thanks to the chef's deft and inventive hands, familiar food has become sexier than ever at L Rancho Cafe. The hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM. They have a dynamic menu that combines old and new, satisfying patrons with a diverse range of flavors. Furthermore, if you want to plan a party, please contact us ahead of time so that we can provide you with more information on seating and the party menu. With a 4.5-star rating and 552 reviews, you're sure to have a good time at L Rancho Cafe!

Cullman County is a food lover's paradise, and there are countless great restaurants to choose from. We hope you enjoyed reading and that you now have a few new places to try out next time you're in Cullman County. From intimate family gatherings to large parties, these restaurants have the perfect setting and menu to make your event special. We highly recommend that you give some of these places a try next time you're in town – you definitely won't be disappointed! After reading this article, you should now know the top 13 best cheap reservation restaurants in Cullman County. 


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